A Happy Childhood is Every Child’s Dream

World Vision India

Every child has a right to a healthy life. But, sadly, majority of the children living under the poverty line across our country are unable to afford more than one meal a day.
You can make a difference in the lives of such children through World Vision India’s Child sponsorship Programme. World Vision India works towards improving the lives of children and families living in more than 6252 communities across India. Our unique Child Sponsorship programme has helped many of these children rise above their socio-economic challenges.

Your gift of Rs.800 every month will ensure that your sponsored child is educated, healthy and well-nourished. The child’s family and the community will also benefit from your contribution.
Active Participation:

You can be an active participant in your sponsored child’s growth by:
Sending cards on special occasions,
Writing encouraging letters and by,
Visiting your child in person
When you Sponsor a Child, you will receive:
A photo frame with the child’s picture
Information about his/her family background
Your child’s annual progress report
Tax exemption under section 80G
Join Hands with us to provide our children a better tomorrow.


World Vision India